No SIDs for LGSR (Santorini)

There are SIDs in Navigraph but none are offered by any default plane in MSFS.

Hm, sorry but I can reproduce it …
MSFS + AIRAC 2105 revision 4 installed

Here directly from the WorldMap:

… and here from the default TBM:


Hi moggel,

Maybe this is because you have a third party scenery for this airport. If you want to get back navdata, you shoud cut/paste the line of this scenery in the content.xml file above navigraph-navdata line and below fs-base line.

Hope this helps

Christophe D.

Or, if you use really a 3rd party scenery, the better and recommended way is to inform the scenery designer of this issue. Because there are settings which are not set correctly in the scenery, when the terminal procedures are missing.


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