Missing SIDs/STARs inibuilds KSAT

Operating System: Win 10
Flight Sim Version: MSFS 2020
Add-on: inibuilds KSAT
AIRAC Update No: 2306 rev.1
Problem Details: When using navigraph nav data, I do not see any departure SIDs available in the world map or in the asobo aircraft FMC. After removing the navigraph nav data and reverting to asobo’s nav data, the departures become available.

I reported the issue to inibuilds since I don’t see an issue with asobo’s default KSAT and navigraph data, but they believe this is an issue with navigraph since the issue is not reproducible with their KSAT and asobo’s nav data.

The available departures when using Asobo’s nav data:

The FMC inside Asobo’s citation CJ4 when using their nav data:

No departures available with navigraph’s nav data, I only get an option to go direct:

No departures exist in the CJ4 FMC:

thanks for the report …

Could it be, that you´re using an outdated scenery for KSAT? Because on your screenshots I only see runway 04/22 and 13R/31L … but there is an additional runway missing 13L/31R, which is included in the stock MSFS (latest update, Texas update installed).

MSFS, including Texas update:

As you see in the screenshot, SIDs are available. So, possible you use an outdated scenery for KSAT … please update the scenery or use the stock scenery from the MSFS. All terminal procedures for KSAT are included in the current cycle but you need all runways.


If I’m not mistaken, 13L/31R is closed for construction and the default airport is incorrect in that sense. The 3rd party airport is up to date with that change.

Right, it´s closed for construction but that doesn´t mean that this runway is removed. The runway is still available but will not be used, due the construction and that´s the point. The stock scenery is correct in this case but you may not use it.

Here directly from the FAA database:


Got it, thank you for looking into this.

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