Dear friends, when trying to load routes entering or leaving the Antofagasta SCFA airport, both on the world map and the FMC of the airplanes, the SID and STAR of the SCFA airport do not appear. The test is done with the default database of the simulator and loads the SIDs and STARs without problems.

1- Sim version =
2- Navigraph Navdata client version = 1.0.0-beta.23
3- AIRAC cycle = 2103 rev.2

With Navigraph

Without Navigraph

Thank you!

the problem here is, that there is a temporary runway change in real-world. It´s the runway 01R/19L … and this runway is missing in the sim and therefore the terminal procedures can´t be assigned. The logic in the sim is now, that when a runway can´t assigned to a terminal procedure - all terminal procedures will be disabled. We can´t do anything for this, sorry …

Here is the real-world chart for this temporary change:

Sorry, hope that helps

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It is very clear to me. Thank you very much for the quick answer! Greetings

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