No OFP Tab on latest build of Charts

I updated to latest version of Navigraph Charts (Mac) 8.29.0 and I can’t seem to see the new OFP/Map tab once I’ve loaded a new flight from Simbrief. I have tried unloading and creating a new flight plan but I still can’t seem to see the OFP option anywhere. Is there something I am missing?

I also do not have “View OFP”. I do have the latest version of charts.


Hmm, that is odd. @CaptainPerry I cannot find a flight associated with your user that has been imported after the update. I have added some additional logging to your account now, could you try creating a new flight in SimBrief and then importing it again?

@vicrus Same goes for you. I have added logging to your account as well!

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Still have no view OFP.

Hi Malte!

Thank you, I can confirm that it is now working, Although I think it could have been down to user error. I was only selecting the flight from the list and not selecting import flight from above in the flights page.

Thank you for your efforts.

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Awesome @CaptainPerry ! Yeah, a new import is required. Previously imported flights will not work, unfortunately!

@vicrus , my logs show that you did not import a flight, but rather just opened an existing one looking for the button. Could you follow these instructions and let me know?

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I did create a new flight yesterday. I created a new flight with simbrief this morning, and created a briefing. After that I export to charts and still did not see “view ofp” button. I have the latest version of charts.

Btw the flight was AUS to MSY

To be clear this is what I was doing:

First I would create new flight in Simbrief as normal. Then I would select import into charts from the Simbrief website.

Next I would then go to the flights tab on the Navigraph charts app and select the flight from there. (Which did not give me the OTF Option)


This is what worked for me:

First create a new flight in Simbrief Then go to the Navigraph Charts app and select flights, From there select the Import Flight button (At the top) and choose your desired flight.

I’m not sure if this is the same case for you, but This is how I managed to get it right.

Thanks a lot @CaptainPerry ! This actually looks like a bug that we should fix - thanks a lot for the additional details!

@vicrus Please give the above a try! We’ll make sure that the OFP button is available when using the import button in the SimBrief interface, but it looks like that will not work at the moment.

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No problem at all! I hope it helps any confusion others may have.

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Thanks for the quick replies. I’ll try later to see if it gets fixed. I’ve made about 5 or 6 plans this morning.

Ah! I’ve been wondering why I could not find this feature that friends were using on the updated Navigraph charts, but was missing for me. I also use the Import into Charts feature from as my typical workflow, but wasn’t seeing a button to View SimBrief OFP on the Navigraph chart. Thanks for the temporary workaround solution.

Still not working for me.

What is not working for you? The “workaround” (also known as the main method of importing a SimBrief flight into Navigraph Charts) that was proposed, or the original method of pressing the “Import into charts” button in SimBrief?

The latter has been fixed but will be included in the next release, not with today’s patch, unfortunately. This means that this method, when used today, will still result in no OFP button being shown!

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I think I have it working now. Works a little differently than I thought it did. Thanks for your help.

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