OFP not saved to Simbrief

I saved a route from NG charts to Simbrief.
When I want to go to Simbrief according to the manual the popup says:
"Simbrief username XOHLON doesn’t seem to have any saved OFP
What went wrong?

The Charts app can only import from Simbrief (one-way), it can’t export flights or changes to flights to Simbrief.

To import a flight from Simbrief you must first ”generate OFP” in Simbrief. Just creating a flight is not sufficient for the Charts app to find it.



Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your reply. I followed the Navigraph manual and the mistake I made was that I supposed to find the connection with Simbrief. Follow 4.3.2. at page 14 and try to see that from my perspective. I suggest you to adjust the manual so that a starter understands that all the instructions until page 14 concerns Navigraph and the creation of a flight route. Without the knowledge of Simbrief (like me) the reader thinks that the next step is to communicate with Simbrief so that Simbrief gets the data from Navigraph. Read the instruction again and I think that you can imagine how frustrated it could be to end the manual without the expected result…