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‘Added SimBrief OFP Viewer’ what is this and how do I find it.


When you import a flight from SimBrief, press the View SimBrief OFP button and it will display this:

There is also a separate Maps tab for viewing the maps in the OFP:



Thanks Stephen, found it much appreciated :+1:

Would you guys consider a feature where you can write on that OFP with your apple pen etc

Good idea but not something I would use personally

This is actually the plan, yes!

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I knew you guys wouldn’t let us down

I don’t have the view Simbrief OFP option on my desktop charts app. Is this something only available on ios/android app? I have the most recent version of Navigraph Charts installed.

It is available on all apps. Did you try to reimport your SimBrief flight plan?



Yes, I unloaded the plan, imported from Simbrief again, and still no tab option to view simbrief ofp. Bizare. Maybe I need to log out, exit, restart app, log in and see what happens. Will report back once I finish my current flight I’m in the middle of.

Once I created a new flght and imported it, the OFP option was present. Perhaps any plan created prior to the update would not have the option present?

That is quite possible, yes! Before the update, the specific SimBrief identifier for the flight was not stored in our database. Since this update, it is! Previously imported flights will have to be re-imported.

Please also note that old flights will not have any available briefing material, since SimBrief can’t possibly store the generated PDFs etc. forever. This means that for older flights, you might have to open SimBrief and re-generate the flight and briefing materials! This does make sense though, at least to me, since the briefing material would quickly become outdated either way, containing old weather & NOTAM information for example.

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