No export function in Safari or Chrome and Charts App on iPad?

Hi, it seems that there is no flight “export” function in Safari and/or Chrome on a iPad (version 15.0.2 (19A404) , it is also missing in the Charts App for IOS.
The function in Safari on the Mac is available.

Is that by design?

Thanks so much!

Yes, the export only makes sense on a desktop machine as it is meant to export files that can be imported to the simulator which runs only on your desktop machine. That is why the export exists only in Charts Desktop and Charts Cloud on desktop.

Why do you want it on your iPad?



Hi Stephen, thanks for your answer.

It is convenient to make a flight plan on the iPad, the next step is to export the flight plan to the Simulator, I could do that by using a private cloud solution.
But why is that function not available in Safari on the iPad, that would also work for me…

Regards René


You don’t need to use a private cloud solution. Just load that very flight in Charts Desktop on your simulator and export it. Charts IS a cloud solution and all flight plans can be loaded from the cloud on any device. This is why there is no export function on iPad as you can’t use it on iPad, but of course you can plan it on the iPad and then export it from the Desktop or Cloud app on your simulator machine.



Oké, thanks I will do that!