Change VOR-Frequency in PMDG DATA-Base


How can I change a VOR Frequency in the Navigraph AIRAC Database for PMDG 747?

E.g.: the Frequency for the CHEUNG CHAU ( CH ) VOR in Hongkong has changed from 112.30 to 115.30 in the database, however, in the SIM ( p3d v4.5 ) it‘s still at 112.30.

How and where can I change the Frequency in the Database back to 112.30?

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You’ll need to indicate an authorative source for frequency Tom.

According to the AIP there is no CHEUNG CHAU ( CH ) VOR, it is DME:

Hello and thanks for your reply.

CH has been a VOR/DME before ( on frequency 112.30 ), but obviously it changed to a standalone DME.
However, naturally in P3D it is still a VOR/DME on frequency 112.30. So when I select CH on the PMDG 747 on the NAV/RAD FMC-Page, it will select/dial 109.40 instead of 112.30.
So, CH will not be displayed/tuned correctly anymore, as there is no such NAV-Station in the vicinity of Hongkong on 109.40 ( at least on P3D v4.5 ).

My question is: where can I change the Frequency of CH in the Navigraph AIRAC FMC-Database to read 112.30 again?

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However the entry is 112.30:

Line 3648: CHEUNG CHAU CH DME 22.219542 114.030056112.30H

My own P3Dv5 install updated with Herve Sors Navaid Updates indicates CH as DME only on freq 112.30


I can confirm, the frequency of CH DME is 112.30 in the real-world also … so, no idea from where the 115.30 are - as @srcooke posted, the 112.30 are also in the PMDG files.


Possibly the PMDG is tuning the first VOR entry in the list Richard:

Line 85: CHRISTCHURCH CH VORD-43.504111 172.514639115.30H

Entering CH in the NAV RAD page does indeed return 115.30 which is the first CH entry in the data file.

By entering 112.30 the CH DME is reported on the ND, this is however indicated as LXI in NAV RAD.

I could not suggest just how the Boeing system returns DME entries, a question for PMDG.