No connection anymore MSFS - Navigraph

I cant connect MSFS and Navigraph. Always info “could not connect to simulator” pop up.
Until last week all was fine, any help would be great.
Today I have delete all from my PC, but now I also cant install Navigraph Charts APP for Windows anymore.
No connection between WEB Charts and MSFS same info as mentioned before.simlink_2021-10-26.dlog (223 Bytes)
simlink_2021-10-26.dlog (220 Bytes)
simlink_2021-10-13.dlog (7.6 KB)

I had that problem before but it seems to correct itself. The major that am having now, it none of my aircraft is following the flight plan routes. When I enter them manually it works. when I use simbrief to navigraph to plan a flight my aircraft just keep circling over the airports. I noticed this after I updated to SU6.