"Could not connect to simulator" msg

Was enjoying a flight last night, when I suddenly got a message from Navigraph that it could not connect to MSFS, it had been connected and I was tracking my flight (Navigraph is on the same Windows computer as MSFS, just on a different monitor). I attempted to reconnect it several times, but unsuccessful. Shut down Navigraph and tried to connect again, still unsuccessful. Fired up FSTramp (sorry…I still have a paid subscription before I knew about Navigraph), and it was tracking the aircraft fine. Finally got it to reconnect after shutting both programs down at the end of the flight and then starting the process over again. Just passing on the intel and throwing it out there to see if there are other reports of this occcuring for others. Thanks again for a great tool!

Right click Navigraph Simlink in the system tray and close it down and then open it up again.


Will do that when it occurs again, and report back. Thank you again for your assistance.

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