No arrival runways at LEPA in AIRAC 2110rev2

I’m using the FBW 320. I don’t see any arrival options for Palma de Mallorca LEPA. The arrival page in the MCDU just says ‘untitled’.

I cleared the scenery cache and tried without add-on airports. No runways available. If I depart from LEPA I see all the runways and SIDs.

Am I missing something?

Hi Jan,
sorry, it looks like a FBW issue. I have tested the arrivals in the WorldMap, all included … also, I have tried to select any arrival into LEPA with the default TBM. All visible and selectable, so it looks that this happened only in the FBW, sorry.

Here from the TBM, the first arrivals from LEPA:

… and here from the WorldMap:

So, you see - the procedures are included and available - please report this to FBW. It´s not a navdata issue.


Hi Jan,
FBW has fixed this. Working now as expected with the latest stable version v0.7.1


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Good news! I just tried it and it works. Thank you!

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