LEZG airport problem

As we know LEZG airport is not in initial FS2020 but this morning I have downloaded a mod from AirHispania which contains this airport and I have installed it in PACKAGES/Community folder … now I can fly from/to it.

Also this morning I have downloaded and installed your special program in order to install the AIRAC for FS2020 out of the normal NGFMSManager and I can use it without any problem in all airports but with LEZG I have the follow problem :slight_smile:

When I perform a flight plan with LEZG as arrival airport for example, and at the begining select an IFR High Altitude route I can select all the arrivals ( AL2DCA 12R, AL2DCB 30R, … ) that I suposse are included in your Navdata I have downloaded this morning … until here everything is correct.

But when I try to enter the flight plan in the MCDU of the FS2020 Airbus A320, and I try to select an arrival, absolutely none appear, it does not even show me the arrival runways

If at the beginning FS2020 allows me to select a STAR why later it does not allow me to enter it in the MCDU ???

Am I doing something wrong ???

Thanks in advance
J J Gómez Prieto
IVAO 142928

please can you forward us the link to this mod, that we can test a few things with this scenery?
Thank you

First of all, thank you for your quick response. Here are two links to the AirHispania page, the first of them is where all the mods created by this company for FS2020 are found and among which is the Zaragoza LEZG airport and the second is direct to the download of this mod



Anything else you may need, I am at your disposal Thanks a lot J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928

Hi again Jose,
thanks for the links … I have tested the scenery.

First, the scenery developer set the delete-approaches flag to true - so, all approaches from us, will be overwritten from his scenery. The strange thing is only, that he doesn´t have any approaches included. So, no approaches with this scenery.

It looks now, there is a internal limitation in the sim because it looks like, when there are no approaches in the A320 available you can´t select any STARs also. Possible, that´s due the A320 logic, I don´t really know. This is only a assumption from my side.

But I have made the same test with the WorkingTitle CJ4 now - which doesn´t use the internal flightmanagement logic of the sim (they had developed their own flightmanagement) and here you see, the STARs as expected and you can also select it as expected:

So, it´s either a A320 limitation, when no approach are available that the STARs are also not available, or a sim limitation in their flightmanagement logic. Who knows … but the STARs are included as you see.

The only question is: Why the scenery developer has set the “DeleteApproach” flag to true, when he/she hasn´t included any approaches?! Worth to try to set this flag to false (as for the SIDs and STARs) and then to try the same again in the A320 …

This can only be done by the scenery designer … :wink:


Hi Richard, thank you very much again for your quick response.

I have sent a copy of it to AirHispania, creators of the Zaragoza Airport (LEZG) scenario and as soon as I have a reply I will send you a copy.

As you surely know, AirHispania is one of the most important virtual VA airlines in Spain and although I do not belong to it (I am a member of the AlAndalus Airlines staff) I am sure that they will try to solve this matter if it is possible.

. Thank you very much again and regards

J J Gómez Prieto

IVAO 142928

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Hi Richard,

A few moments ago I received the response from Air Hispania to which they have attached a new LEZG_Zaragoza_General_ADE.bgl file for me to do a test:


… and now everything is correct and SIDs and STARs can be perfectly seen both in the initial flight screen and in the creation of the flight plan in the MCDU of the FS2020 A320, so we can consider that thanks to your help this problem has been solved.

Thank you very much for this and I remain at your disposal for any collaboration in which I can help.

J J Gómez Prieto
IVAO 142928

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Wonderful news Jose - thank you very much for this feedback and I also can confirm, with the new bgl it´s working :wink: … Good stuff from the designer … :clap:

Have a nice weekend and always three green :wink:

Same to you Richard.

J J Gómez Prieto
IVAO 142928

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