LXGB - Arrival data is missing

I was not able to input arrival data into FMC, no RWY and Stars available.
Checked world map in the main menu, same story.

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LXGB has no STARs, nor SIDs … nor approaches at the moment but I can see both runways as expected (using AIRAC 2109, latest sim version, default scenery).


… one additional tip: the search function works very well and is very helpful and fast in such cases:


You did From, can you try TO using IFR?

I double checked, I definitely can’t Select RWY for ARRIVAL, from both Plane and main menu drop down. Removed AIRAC and RWY showed up again with default MSFS.

Working fine for Departure, its Arrival that’s missing.

Thats a sim limitation. When no approaches are available you can select only automatic because the sim expect any approach type and not only a runway.

And according the notam … The RNAV approaches are currently suspended. The default MSFS stock approaches are outdated.


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