No airport information in Avitab

I had to reload X-plane 11 and “lost” all the charts Sid’s Star’s etc from Avitab.
I have reloaded the Computer (Windows 10), X-plane and everything I could find on Navigraph and frankly I don’t know where in X-Plane all the Navigraph downloads are stored i.e. B737-800X, resources, plugins or Uncle Tom Cobley. Pleae help to get my charts back for an old pensioner.

Hi Stephen,


Please see Navigraph and avitab to access your Navigraph account in Avitab.
On airports tab, Search for EGGD:

Then click on highlighted icon to bring up :

Then select Charts as required.:


Many thanks for your help, all my problem was I was not linked to my Navigraph account now I’m still in every-ones way but I’m not lost. Looking at the posts I’m not the only one that has had this snag. Any-how thanks again for your help. Regards and have a good Christmas (18/11/2021)