Navigraph and avitab

I own AVITAB and I am subscribed to NAVIGRAPH but here I am I can not put navigraph in avitab what to do please
thank you


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As I recall you have the Avitab plugin in Toliss A319.

Click on Navigraph icon

Click on Link Navigraph Account

Click on Open Browser

You should then be prompted to enter details:

If a problem try setting Chrome as your default browser for test.

Please let me know how you get on.


You also may be using an older version of AviTab. It took some digging but AviTab 0.4.4 natively supports Navigraph in the Map mode. Search the X=Plane forums for that version and you should find it.

That said, this is my first month using Navigraph and I only signed up for the monthly to update my FMS data. With AviTab 0.4.4 incorporating Navigraph I was blown away by how great this is and I’ve switched my subscription to yearly. Solely because it works in AviTab! I fly VR mode and having Navigraph running on the second monitor just does not swing it for me. So a BIG THANK YOU for allowing AviTab to bring into it my Navigraph info.

Now if you allow the AviTab developer to switch between day and night settings on the Navigraph map, that would be perfect. All the approach and departure charts all have that button to swich between day and night, so it may be an oversight that the moving map only has night mode. Thanks again.

Hello everyone.

I will post here to request some guidance for the same issue.

I´ve been using firefox and chrome but i get no connection in avitab.


Little up for this one…Thanks.

Having the same issue here.

Hi Philippe,


Apologies, overlooked this. Were you able to resolve this ?


Hi Keith,


Please advise in detail what steps you have taken and result with screenshots please using Guide to posting Screenshots


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Hi @Ian

Since problem solved here:

Thank you.

Hi Philippe,

Thank you for the update. Does this resolve it for you Keith (Stooner) ?



problem solved

Hi Jean Jacques,

Thank you for the feedback.


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Hi Team,

Thank you for the feedback. Glad it is resolved . I shall close this thread.