Avitab showing zero charts available

Hello, I am having an issue with Avitab and Navigraph 8.32 in xplane12.
I checked the other topics and it looks like a lot of other users had this issue which was already discussed and was resolved in January and also 1 week ago.
I am opening this topic again because I updated to Navigraph 8.32 (26 February) and then experienced the same issue the other users have prevliously reported:
No charts listed after selecting an airport.

What should I do ?

Thank you in advance,


Hello! Welcome to our forum!

This is not the same issue that others have posted. You seem to have been able to sign in!
I am also not able to reproduce this issue:

Please sign out and then in again - you can do so using the “Switch account” button in the Providers page!

Note: The Navigraph application (the one on 8.32) is completely unrelated to the Avitab plugin, none of them are aware of the other’s existence. Also, we did not develop the Avitab plugin or any of its Navigraph integrations but we can try to help out regardless!

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Dear Malte ,
thank you very much for your prompt reply.
It seems that after the update I was signed out automatically from avitab and I did not realise it.
All I had to do is to sign in again as you suggested.

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