Avitab & avigraph

The Red Icon of Avitab no longer appeared in the Navigraph’s airport Charts, Approach & Departure charts etc.



So that we can reproduce the issue, please specify:

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FS Version: (e.g. FS9, FSX, P3D V5, X-Plane 11, MSFS)
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AIRAC Update No: (e.g. 2208)
Problem Details: (so that the problem can be replicated, e.g. missing xxxx SID at airport yyyy, as per AIP chart at www.somewebsite.com.)
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O.k this is my current problem…after toggling Avitab to on ,I Select and search for Airport, when I choose the aerodrome chart I use to be able

To see for instant where I am parked and when taxying I used to see the Red icon on the chart but no longer!



Hi Ted,

I shall assume latest X-Plane 11 with Avitab as part of Zibo mod 737-800X.

The red icon on the OpenStreetMap map is not part of Navigraph Charts.

For Navigraph Charts, make sure you have linked your Navigraph account to Avitab under Providers tab.

I suggest you reinstall latest Zibo mod 737-800X.


This is the not zibo 737, it’s Xplane 11…I’m referring to. It does this with any of the Aircrafts in xplane 11, I toggle “the Avitab” to display I see the Red little aircraft in the Open ToPo Map but not the Navigraph Airport Chart similar to your second photo (For Navigraph Charts). No problem before, obviously this occur after the latest Update of Avitab. By the way I am & Have Linked to Navigraph, I fully unsderstood/Aware as to what it’s indicated in your email but like I said No probs before!


Are you running Avitab 0.4.8 which appears to be latest? My pics are from that. I have no experience with the beta.

The drawing of the red icon on the map is done by Avitab, so I would post your issue in their forum.