No airac updates showing on laminar737 or zibo 737

windowx10, x-plane 11.51
FMS update manager needs a help screen.

PLEASE help me get the yearlong subscription I paid for loaded into these aircraft


In latest FMS Data Manager Settings tab please ensure your X-Plane path is correct. Press Save .

In Addon Mappings tab select and Remove X-Plane entries . Press Scan and Save . Check their mappings look correct. If not please post screenshot of Addon Mappings tab using Guide to posting Screenshots


thanks Ian, I’ll do as described and report back if it doesn’t work

Ok, I removed Xplane entries ans scanned ans saved. i now get this screen.
BTW, I am using steam so I set the path as follows: D:\steam\steamapps\common\x-plane_11.

this is the screen I get …

I found out that all Laminar-based 737s (native, ZIBO, 737max) are affected (NAV DATA OUT OF DATE ), NAV DATA 2101192101 DEC31JAN27/21

but the 747 (SSG B748-F) FMC shows the correct cycle: 28/JAN/2021 - 25/FEB/2021, AIRAC 2101


Thanks! That sure does explain it



The default X-Plane 737 shows correct AIRAC 2101 details.

Please check FAQ - Nav Data Out Of Date.


Hi Ian

Thanks for your mail

After re-checking the FMCs in different aircraft (and updating ZIBO to 3-46) it’s only one plane (B737MAX8 from which shows the OUT OF DATE. I’ll get in touch with them, maybe I need to download some updates (in the cockpit of that plane, near the clock, is a date display showing, with dd and mm as day and month, respectively).

Mit freundlichen Grüssen / With kind regards


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Good morning Ian!
i have another problem which i believe is the cause of all my FMS update issues. I purchased X-plane direct from Laminar as I was having problems with STEAM version.
In FMS Mgr settings, it showed Steam as directory (which I deleted). I amended AND SAVED to show this… D:X-Plane\X-plane Demo (which is where new XP resides)…when I start FMS Mgr now, I get the old path…D:\steam\steamapps\common\X-plane 11
How can I change it? Can I install a fresh FMS Mgr?..I REALLY appreciate your help. I’m not computer literate at all

Hi John,
not Ian but I will try to answer your question - hope that´s also ok for you :slight_smile:

When you open the FMS Data Manager, go to the “Settings” tab (red circle), scroll down to the “X-Plane 11” path and press the “folder-symbole” (blue circle). Select your correct root XP11 path and press “Save” (green circle).

After that, close and re-start the FMS Data Manager - to be sure, if the path is set - look again on the “Settings” tab (just for your own verification).

Hope that helps

thanks Richard. IT CHANGED! this is what I see…D:\X-Plane 11 Demo
the full path is actually D:X-PLANE\X-plane Demo. does that matter?

Looks good John … so you have under D:\X-PLANE a subfolder called “X-plane Demo” and here are your x-plane.exe located - right?! When yes, you have done all right :slight_smile:

Oh and John, for safety reasons, when you change a path - remove the entries on the addon-mapping tab again and let the system make a “re-scan” with the Scan-button. It should work without it too but who knows :slight_smile:


I honestly don’t know about executable. What should i look for?
I just loaded the default 747 and got this(see attached)

I got my FMC to load data, just subscribed yesterday. I just dragged and dropped the files into the X-Plane/Custom Data folder, see pics

I could’t get the Data Manager to work either, so I used the drag and drop method. See my other post. The Data Manager would appear to be working with the progress loop, and then nothing changed. I used the root X-Plane folder in the settings to direct the path. Maybe I should have typed in the path to Custom Data folder. I will try next month’s new Airac again.

I also got it to update. after changing the settings as Richard described, I started FMS MGR TWICE and it works…

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