NNC does not see Fenix A320 nor "MSFS External Installation"


I am trying to updated AIRAC on Fenix A320. I’ve read in the other topics that it should be shown under MSFS External Installation tab in NNC, however there is no such a tab for me at all. I’m running the newest version 1.0.8. I have only MSFS (Steam) tab with base packages and PMDG 737 (I have that installed as well) and everything works fine in that tab. But since the external installation tab is not showing up, I don’t have Fenix A320 anywhere in order to update it.

Appreciate all the help,

Sorry for replying under my own post but I found a solution (or a workaround actually) and I just wanna leave it here in case of anyone ever stumble upon the same thing.

So apparently it was happening because I have my ProgramData folder set to a different drive in order to save space on the system drive (C:). Moving Fenix folder temporarily to the C: ProgramData location allowed NNC to see it and update the AIRAC, and then I just moved Fenix back to the custom ProgramData folder. It’s a workaround but it works now.

Just to confirm - I guess there is no way to let Navigraph know that I have my Program Data folder in a different place? Is NNC just coded in the way to use the default “C:/ProgramData” instead of “%programdata%” ?


no, we support only the C drive for the ProgramData folder. So, please move it back to the default OS location. All other “solutions” are unsupported. Thank you


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