Cannot update Fenix A320 - NavData Center

Windows 10 Professional (21H2).

Please note: My windows install is on drive F and not C as would be the case for most people.

I have been using FMS Data Manager up until now but I want to update Fenix A320 and they say to use NavaData Center. When I open that I see PMDG but no Fenix or external installation tab.

Hi John,


Our system supports Windows on C drive. Maybe you can change the letter of your F Drive to C.


Hi Ian,

No I cannot rename by partition. Can you maybe not hard code it to work off C? I’m a software engineer myself and hard coding these kind of things is not best practice and there’s usually no need.

How can I update the navdata for Fenix with this issue? Is there an individual installer?


Hi John,
we have noted this now but there is no timeline at the moment for a fix. The standard OS installation is on C drive and it’s very uncommon when it’s not on C therefore please understand that we have implement a more or less common solution.

Don’t understand me wrong but I guess, its much more faster, when you re-install your OS as when you wait on a fix. Sorry for that, but I’m honest and it makes no sense to promise something what we can’t hold.


Hi Richard,

Yes it’s unconventional that my windows machine is not running on the C drive but it’s not a rule and there’s nothing wrong. It wasn’t a mistake on my part, I have a dedicated drive for Flightsim so that it’s isolated from my work.

I appreciate that this isn’t a priority issue for you but I need a way to update Fenix navdata. Why has it gone missing from FMS Nav Data application? I was able to update it there previously but now it’s not listed.

Why can’t I download the manual installer for Fenix?

Thanks for your help.


Hi John,
I haven’t said that its wrong when you install your OS not on the C drive. Also that this is a rule but we don’t support it currently. We have noted this wish of course, but currently there is no timeline of implementation of this fix.

Therefore the suggestion, to re-install it … You can also create that folder on your C drive, install the data and move it manually on your final location. The database are only a few MB large, so not a big deal …

The manual installer are old versions which we have used (and still use) primary for none MSFS addons. This setups will be removed during the next time because the Navigraph Navdata Center should be the followed of the FMS Data Manager.

Agqin, sorry for the bot so good news. We will look in the future, how we can handle this but please don’t expect it in the near future.


I tried installing it on C drive (which is another Windows 10 instance for my Work) but it won’t even open.

From reading between the lines of your responses, you don’t intend to fix this. As a software engineer myself, if you’ve written reasonably good code then this should only be a change in one or two places. It shouldn’t have been implemented like this in the first place.

Fenix is the only thing I run these days and for the foreseeable and you have removed the ability for me to update the nav data.

Not a happy customer here.

Wrong John, what I have written is that I have noted it but without a timeline. Nearly 99% of the OS installations are using the default way to install it on C drive (at least what we see) and only a handful goes another way (which is not wrong but we don’t support it at the moment).

As soon we see the chance to extend our app with this feature request, we will implement it.

Sorry to hear, that you’re unhappy but in this case we can only appeal on your rationality.

Thank you very much

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