Custom ProgramData directory bug

Hi, basically I’ve been having an issue with Fenix for a while and the Navdata centre with AIRAC updates. My ProgramData folder is on my E drive. I’ve noticed no matter what you do, Navdata centre installs navdata into your C drive ProgramData

E.g. I use the Fenix a320, it installs into C:/ProgramData/Fenix/Navdata rather than E:/ProgramData…. Whereas the aircraft only listens to the Navdata in my E drive

Just thinking it’s a bug as it’s set at defaulting to your C drive without an option to modify it?


No, per default the ProgramData folder is on C. Most of the windows installations are on C and therefore we expect it also on C … Sorry, please move you windows to C and all will be good.

Any other drives for this “ProgramData” folder are unsupported, sorry. It’s not a bug … we don’t support this kind of installation, where the OS is on a none C drive.


Hi Richard

Sure, just seems like a bit of an oversight, maybe an option for a custom location could be added?

No sorry (at least not at the moment or in the near future) it makes all much more intransparent and more complex. We seen this in the FMS Data Manager which we have very flexible according the folder selection.

Again, it’s a really very small amount of user which install their OS not on C. Most of the installations are on C and we must look to handle most of the common installations.

But I have noted this request, when we see any time-window and any free slot, we will discuss this.

Thanks and sorry for the bad news

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