New version selection of CI, passengers and freight numbers

Hello, congratulation for this new version , really a great improvement in design and possibilities.
Nevertheless I have 2 problems in preparing my FP.
Passenger and freight numbers, in the previous version you had a drop down list allowing to choose between min and max numbers for the selected airframe, now you have only auto, full, none. I understand that you can type the numbers you want, but you have lost the reference of the possibilities between min and max , you need to open the airframe to search these. This is a regression and much less convenient.
Same for CI, in the previous version you had the drop down list allowing you to select between min and max for the selected airframe. Now you have mach numbers and LRC ( what does LRC mean ?) . I know you can type the number yourself. And here it is even more difficult for me because I ignore what are the max CI for this airframe. I remember for A 321 it was max 100 , and for A346 a much higher number which I do not remember… Where can I find the max CI for an airframe, I do not see it in the airframe?
Again This is a regression and much less convenient.
I am disappointed on these points
The rest of the changes are very good

When you select “Full” passengers, the corresponding field gets explicitly set to the maximum value, so that’s the one way to currently check for the actual passenger capacity. Not ideal, but drop-downs with a list of values have their own drawbacks.

I suppose indicating the maximum value (corresponding to Full) somewhere would help, although the current situation seems OK even without (IMO).

Regarding cost index, there is no second drop-down with an option to select “max”, so it’s indeed much more inconvenient and I do agree that this should be addressed somehow eventually. Perhaps with a second drop-down, offering the possibility to select Auto, Default, Min and Max in addition to typing a custom value in?



Thanks for your answer
I prefered the previous version for these 3 points because the dropdown list was offering simply the min and max range fir your choice.
For passengers and freight I can manage thanks to the Toliss air craft manuals , but for CI I am still searching the max nulbers for A321 and A346.

Hi, thanks for the feedback!

In a future update, I will add tooltips to these inputs showing the maximum and minimum values, if applicable. When you hover over the cost index or weight inputs, it will show you the range.

Also note that the new system will not accept a value outside the permitted range. So to quickly find the max cost index, for example, just type “9999” into the input and it will snap back to the maximum allowable value.

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Thanks, waiting for your upgrade.

I’ve added this now in version 2.9.0.

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yes I have seen this change
many thanks

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