Passenger Numbers and Baggage weight

Is there a reason why I can only select “NONE” “FULL” or “AUTO” for Passenger Numbers and Freight.

Also why is my Cargo Weight 300kg higher than than the baggage weight I have saved in my Airframe…eg my Airframe baggage weight has 22kg, as I have to select full as I have to have FULL in my passengers. Passengers =170, Baggage set to 20kg, Flight plan gives me a cargo weight of 4,040kg when 170 x 22 = 3740.

It was far easier and precise when Passenger Numbers could be entered as 120, 135, 60 or what ever I wanted to carry.


You can enter passenger numbers like before, you just have to type them (keyboard) rather than select them from the drop-down (not as intuitive but much quicker once you figure it out).

You have some Freight on board. If you don’t want it, you need to set the freight drop-down to None on the Flight Options page (and, in your custom airframe, set the default freight mode to None rather than Auto so the freight drop-down goes to None automaitcally when selecting the airframe):



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Thanks …selecting NONE works, it still adds the Cargo for the Baggage in the plan which is correct.

And Yes I have just tried and I can type in the number of Passengers OK.

All done Thanks.

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