Custom airframe pax numbers and caro weight

I have custom airframes for PMDG aircraft however since the update the custom pax numbers & cargo weights do not come across into the flight plan. Is there a way around this?


I’ve looked at your recent flight plans and from what I can tell they are using your custom values. Can you describe the issue in more detail, or maybe provide a screenshot of what you are seeing?


Custom frame is set for 80 pax and 7913 lbs cargo. Options are only for auto nil of full. Attached is load sheet produced around 10 minutes ago

In your screenshot, looks like the passenger and cargo amounts are within the limits you’ve set.

I guess you must mean that the Passenger and Freight options are not listing all the possible passenger and cargo amounts like in the old version?

That is normal. In the new version, you can simply type the number of passengers or freight you want directly into those boxes. They won’t appear in the drop-downs.

The next update will also show the maximum/minimum values when hovering over these inputs for quick reference.

Let me know if that helps,

Excellent! I can live with that till the next update.
Appreciate your help.

For the sake of accuracy, I would like to know which are the default values used by SimBrief for (1) Passenger weight and (2) Passenger baggage weight. Can these values be edited by the user?

Hi, by default, SimBrief plans 79 kg (175 lbs) per passenger and 25 kg (55 lbs) of baggage per passenger, but these weights can be customized by creating a custom airframe in the Saved Airframes section.

More info in the SimBrief User Guide.

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Ok, thanks so much. I’m (still) using TOPCAT and just wanted to “calibrate” your default weights to the ones to be used with TOPCAT, to allow for proper TO calculations.
Thanks again, Ed

Hi again, I have added the min/max values now in version 2.9.0.

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Works like a charm, thanks.

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