Default Freight Mode

When selecting this airframe on the Flight Options page, this controls the default setting for the Freight option. None will calculate no additional freight by default, while Auto will choose a random amount of freight depending on the aircraft type (cargo aircraft will load a lot of freight, passenger aircraft will load less). If left in Default, SimBrief will default to None for passenger aircraft and Auto for cargo aircraft.

…except when creating a custom airframe, there doesn’t seem to be any explicit indication whatsoever of whether the base profile is passenger or cargo (it can arguably be easily guessed, but that still doesn’t make things any easier).

Since (unless I am mistaken), whether Default will map to None or Auto only depends on the base profile used to create the airframe, the drop-down’s initial value could be set unambiguously when creating a new airframe, making a Default option not really necessary?

Could Default perhaps be removed, leaving only None or Auto? Existing custom airframes using “Default” would need mapping, but the same logic currently used so select Auto or None would apply.

Alternatively, there should be an indication on the Airframe Options page of whether Default will actually map to Auto or None for the current airframe?



Thanks Tim, I’ll probably update the “Default” option to indicate which mode this will result in in brackets.

Just for additional info, the default option isn’t only affected by the base type. For example, if you select a passenger aircraft as a base type (say it normally holds 300 passengers by default), and then customize it to hold only 5 passengers, SimBrief will assume you’re making a cargo variant (for the purposes of the “Default” freight value).

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I’ve added an indication of what the default behavior will be when editing an airframe in version 2.8.0.


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