Navigation in Navigraph not the same as in MSFS2020

I tried to make a flight plan going from EBAW to EBBR.
After I finished making the route I exported and imported into the sim of course without changing anything in the sim. But it seems that the sim doesn’t show all of the waypoints, for example GOLEX is one of the waypoints I have to fly to but it doesn’t add the waypoint in the sim, and still I see that it’s available on the world map in MSFS2020.

Here is the flight plan for you to download and to check it out yourself. As far I can tell I installed Navigraph correctly and updated everything. I’m new btw to Navigraph.
EBAWEBBR.pln (5.2 KB)

sorry for the delay of this anwer … I have checked your flightplan and I also can confirm, that some waypoints are cutted after the import but it looks, it´s a MSFS issue here.

When you to load the flightplan ie. in LittleNavMap, you get all waypoints in the correct sequence:

Also, when you load your flightplan in MSFS and when you change the approach to “automatically”, you will also see immediately all waypoints and the correct flightplan (including GOLEX):

Also, when you change the approach to ILS25L-Y you will also see the correct flightplan. The MSFS has many issue here and it seems you have found one more, sorry … as you see, the flightplan looks correct but the MSFS re-build it for some reasons, when you use the RNAV25L approach.

Please report this to MS/ASOBO - that´s not a navdata issue nor a flightplan issue … thank you!


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