New cicle rev 1 and 2 Doesn't show DONTI4B SID

please help! I’m currently making a video using the SID and now i cant continue with the project.

I am guessing you mean airport SCEL?

If so please see Missing ifr procedures for SCEL - #2 by NAVData


Ians link is a little bit outdated but has included exactly the same reason.

Now the runway 17L is changed to 16. Here the corresponding notams to this temporary runway change from 17L to 16:

Q) SCEZ/QMTCM/IV/NBO /A /000/999/3324S07048W A) SCEL B) 21/12/06 12:00 C) 22/01/31 23:00 E) DTHR 17L 420M TO S DUE TO WIP, NEW THR 16 GEO COORD THR 16 LAT 33 22 46.91S LONG 70 47 11.46W

… as you see, this will be effective on 6 of December till end of January 2022.


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