Netframework error on chart viewer EFB on NGXu

Hi Community,

After the AIRAC 2303 update, I cannot open the charts of NGXu EFB, so below message seems on this page…


Even though I turned efb off and on with several times, the problem still occurs.

On the otherhand, there was no problem yesterday, since yesterday I haven’t even installed any software on my computer other than the up-to-date AIRAC.

Thanks in Advance.

Hello Erkal! Thank you for the feedback!

This was likely due to a small hiccup during the cycle release today. It should be back up & working now! Could you confirm that this is the case?

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Dear Malte Hello again,

Sorry for my late response, its done no problem now…thanks for reply…

Best Regards

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Thank you for the confirmation. Happy flying!

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