Aerosoft CRJ Installer stucks during the installation

Hello! Super for the manual installation already available, what about the FMS Data Manager which makes all actions easier/faster when updating our products? Will the Aerosoft CRJ for MSFS be included asap?

Additionally, I just tried the manual installed and won’t work for me. It gets stuck immediately when instyalling the NavData\Proc\ files… any idea how to fix it?

Thank you!

Servus Andrea,

Yes, but not in the current version of the “FMS Data Manager”. We will implement this in the current “Navigraph Installer”, which will be used to update the MSFS data also. This “Navigraph Installer” will be the “next generation” of the “FMS Data Manager” and will included all (and of course) more features from the current FMS Data Manager. This is a step by step process but the first one is to implement the Aerosoft CRJ, that you can update the MSFS data and the first commerical high-level addon in one app.

I guess, you must wait till the installer is ready. It takes time because the installer must copy/move/overwrite over 7000 small files. When you have set the “backup-flag”, it must be done twice - first backup, then install the new ones.

So, it takes time - sorry,