Need help! “No simulator detected”

Just got the unlimited subs and downloaded navadata in downloads and once I sign in it says “no simulator detected”? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled still same out come.

same thing… so annoying.

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I’ve clicked on the windows (that’s what I have) and still nothing

I had the same issue when I installed it into my Sim drive (D). I then installed it into my C Drive which it wanted to install to and the sim was detected.

I did get a writer error after this but changing the security in the folders in the warning fixed the issue

Hope this helps

Didn’t not work unfortunately

Hi Team,


Make sure you are running Navigraph Navdata Center V 1.0.8 as per Navigraph Navdata Center 1.0.6 - No simulators detected - #13 by m4rkus