Simulator not detected

Hi, I have FS2020 steam edition and upon installing the Navigraph Navdata Center, it says no simulators detected. I looked at previous threads and don’t know why it isn’t working.

Update: For anyone having this issue, I uninstalled the program a few times and went into task manager, and closed all instances of other navigraph programs running. I reinstalled it and made sure to run the setup file as an administrator. It then prompted me to download a new version of the program and it seems to work now.

I tried this way as well after 5 times of a reinstallation still the same problem that MSFS is not detected


Please check you are using Navigraph Navdata Center v 1.0.8 as per Navigraph Navdata Center 1.0.6 - No simulators detected - #13 by m4rkus


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