Navigraph won't load to Carenado Citation XL in P3D

Hi, new to Navigraph and P3D, but not a new flight simmer.
I downloaded Navigraph and installed it just fine. Ran the manager and selected the P3D folder etc. However when I start the Carenado Citation 560-XL in P3D, the FMS screen just says “Loading Database” as does the Navigraph message box. It never gets past that. No matter how long I wait or how many times I try. I’ve re-installed the NAV manager and done the file search but nothing works. Even tried it manually. Please help.



The database build software is written and supported by Carenado.

You might try disabling antivirus and right mouse run-as-adminstrator your FS.

Although referencing FSX Steam, you might like to see … ot-Loading .

Also see Loading Data Base

Other wise I would check further the Carenado forum. It is not a Navigraph data issue.


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