Navigraph wont let me sign in


so please bare with i have been away for 2 weeks and running into 2 separate issues both run by yourselves while simbrief is offline and i wait for it to come back lets start with this.

basically I just re purchased the sub for the year and its not letting me sign in every time i try it goes to the browser asks me to activate i do and then it either goes back to the pricing page or tells me to close then when i open the charts on desktop it tells me a subscription is required and asks me to sign out if i try signing in again it just repeats the above why is this ?

simulator being used at time of problem is P3Dv4/5


Hi! Welcome to the forum!

You are likely using multiple email addresses and therefore different accounts. The account that you are currently using to post in this forum does have a subscription, and should work just fine when used!

Please ensure that you are signed into the correct account before authenticating in the Charts app. You can verify this by opening - if you see your subscription there then signing in to Charts should work correctly!

If this does not work, please contact account support at !

Kind Regards,

it says its active but i dont see the option there to change my sign in if im using the wrong Email wich Email is showing up im confused still

Great that it shows as active! Now open the Charts app and sign in. During the sign-in, you should see something like this:

Verify that the correct email is shown. You should be correctly signed in, and the app should work!
If the email is incorrect, press “Switch account” at the bottom!

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