NAVIGRAPH with MSFS 2020 in Steam

Greetings to all,
I am a happy user of NAVIGRAPH with XP12, but I wanted to try it in MSFS2020, which I have on Steam.
The Navigraph FMS Data Manager does “read” XP12 in my system, but does not detect my MSFS2020 installation, and if I scroll down to the simulators’ path options, I only see “Flight Simulator 9”, “Flight Simulator X” and “FSX Steam”.
So, my question is: how do I connect MSFS2020 with my Navigraph subscription (Ultimate) and get the Navigraph charts into the simulator?

Mauro B.


For Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), there is another app called Navigraph Hub. Use that to update the navigation data in MSFS. Read more at Navigraph

Download Hub from Navigraph

FMS Data Manager is only for non-MSFS simulators, namely X-Plane, FSX, FS9 and P3D.

Eventually all simulators will be handled by a single app.



Lovely that! Thank you so much!

Just one more question, Stephen: will my Navigraph Charts tool be linked with MSFS2020, as XP12 does?
In other words, does it link the aircraft position on the chart?

Yes. For that you need the Simlink app. It comes bundled with the Charts app for Windows and Mac, and is also available as a standalone app.

Download from Navigraph



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