Navigraph weird issue....or not


i fly from LTAF ardana turkey…to OLBA beirut airport

i wanted to fly to approach ILS 03 at BERUT OLBA airport
if i clic on NAVIGRAPH DATA CENTER…AND INSTALL airac cycle 2202 rev 3
there is no approach ILS 03 on msfs routing, as per the navigraph charts just LOC and RNAV no matter in IFR VFR or GPS.

if i remove NAVIGRAPH DATA CENTER…AND REMOVE the airac cycle 2202 rev 3…i
have the ILS 03 in the approach OLBA of the routing.

i tried with other routes and didnt have this issue if the airac is on or off in the data center
even in the fms of different aircraft didnt have aby issues.

is this with solely this route LTAF to OLBA or is there also issues with other routes that i dont know yet… its very strange i have this on this route. but i can fly the route perfectly when i the airacs are off.

or is it because microsoft msfs automatically insert updates airac and we cannot put both at the same time depending on differents route.

thank you
lucien paquette.

Hi Lucien,
first of all, nice to meet you and welcome here at Navigraph.

The ILS03 approach into OLBA is coded as LOC34 approach and the reason is a standard ARINC rule. The missed approach starts prior the runway-threshold, it´s the left turn to intercept 315° (from KAV VOR). When you set the ILS frequency you will see that you have a GS also, so there are a localizer and glideslope = ILS but you can´t code this due the missed approach. Therefore, Jeppesen codes this as LOC03 approach, even you get the glideslope …

So, all is ok so far … it´s a coding limitation and Jeppesen codes this as LOC and not as ILS, but you can fly the ILS approach as LOC normally.



thank you very much , ive just tried it and it works with the ILS 03

lucien paquette

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