Cannot select ILS approaches at OLBA

Airac 2406. Windows 10.

The APP section in the Charts for Beirut OLBA shows 3 ILS approaches for rwys 3, 16, & 17.
The charts can be displayed but none of those approaches can be selected for a Flight.

please select the LOC approaches. ILS approaxhes can’t be coded here because on every approach, the missed approach starts prior the runway threshold - there all these approaches are coded as LOC approach - but for the approach itself, the GS is working even when you select LOC only.

Hope that helps

This is so strange. Is this the way it works IRL ?

Is this the case at many other airports ?

Yes, this is a standard ARINC424 coding rule and yes, when a missed approach is starting prior the runway threshold - an ILS is coded as LOC. But there are only a few world-wide. OLBA is one of it.

In April 2021 we had posted a own FAQ exactly for this question:

… but as I have written, this is ONLY for the selection in the FMC/S or any other navigation-facilitiy. That has nothing to do, that you can´t use the glideslope … When you select the frequency, you will receive the glideslope as normal. For an coding ILS approach you must overfly the threshold and that´s not the case here and therefore it can only be coded as LOC for the nav-systems.


Clearer now. Thanks, Richard

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