Navigraph used for second X Plane Sim

For some reason I can not get the FMS Data manager to recognize that there is a second X Plane on my computer. It see the X Plane 12, but not X Plane 11. I use X Plane 11 as the primary sim, as the developer of the DA 40 has not yet come up with a updated DA 40 for X Plane 12, and using the DA 40 in X Plane 12 generates too many problems, such as the Auto Pilot not functioning, several button and panel glitches, etc. The instructions on the main page are somewhat confusing, as I am not that computer literate. Simple step by step instructions would be appreciated. Be specific on exact steps on how to accomplish the fix, PLEASE.



In FMS Data Manager, there are 3 page tabs across the top.

In Settings page make sure the X-Plane 11 path is correctly set. Navigate to X-Plane.exe to confirm.

In Addon Mappings Remove X-Plane 11 entries. Press Save. Press Scan, then Save.

In Addon List select and Update X-Plane 11 entries.



In 30 seconds you fixed my problem, Thank You for the precise instructions and the very quick response.




You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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