Navigraph simlink stays active

Navigraph simlink stays active after i end flightsimulator Xplane11 causing steam to keep xplane 11 active.
In case i want to restart Xplane 11, i need to start taskmanager and kill Steam, or go to systemtray and kill/quit Navigraph simlink.
Can that be solved, please.


Does suggestion help re FSUPIC at Simlink auto disconnect when quitting p3d ?


Hi Ian, no it doesn’t, simlink is not an .exe, at least for p3d. Don’t know if MSFS has another installation path or if it is an .exe but I tried it and it doesn’t work, unfortunately.



I know this is an old post but ive seen this as well , i have to manually close Simlink to trick Steam to think Xplane has closed .

Same problem for me with xplane. Steam shows xplane as “running” (which is true) and the only way to get xplane close (and steam to recognize it) is to close simlink via system tray symbol right click menu.
It is a working workaround but it’s not what I would expect to be done.

I had problems with my system so did Windows restore….deleted Xplane11, so had to reïnstall it ( from Steam indeed) One or Two times it shut down the Simlink…… but now i am on the same page again….indeed neeed to close Simlink ‘very time’ so i think it is a typical Xplane issue , rather than a Steam install issue…