Navigraph/SimBrief/MSFS2020 - How do they all work together?

I am flying the FBW32nx in MSFS2020 and would like to do the following:

Create an IFR flight plan with SID/Airways/STAR in Navigraph …
in the FBW32nx, Import the plan into the EFB and also into the MCDU

Currently, the EFB only imports SimBrief active plans, and if I export my Navigraph plan to a .PLN file, I can import at the world map, but it will not completely configure the MCDU.

I guess I may have the process wrong and will appreciate guidance and/or suggestions.


Would recommend generating a flight plan in simBrief, which you can then also import into the A32nx, as well as Navigraph Maps if you want to use them.

Don’t know about flight plans generated in Navigraph, but simBrief works perfectly and generates all the data with high accuracy, so the flight plans work great with the A32nx. Also included all the data as well as SID and STAR.