How to import a Navigraph flight plan into the MCDU of a A32NX FBW?

I create airliner flight plans with Navigraph. How can such a flight plan be imported into the MCDU of a A32NX FBW?



Please see 16. Export Flight Plans from Navigraph Charts to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

When you first export your .pln from Charts , navigate to and choose your MSFS LocalState directory where there should be other .pln plans.

Depending on how you obtained MSFS, this will likely be something like

Sim from Marketplace:

Sim from Steam:
%appData%\Microsoft Flight Simulator

This directory should now be remembered for subsequent Charts exports.


Hi Ian

Thanks for your advice. It works.

However, I struggle to import a flight plan from SimBrief into A32NX FBW. My SimBrief profile is ok. But if I press INIT DATA REQ* then nothing happens. I hope for a solution. Thanks.



  1. Make sure you have latest A32NX version.
  2. Create OFP in Simbrief.
  3. Enter your Simbrief username into MCDU Menu\Options\AOC\SIMBRIEF. Your pilot ID then shows in blue.
  4. In INIT choose INIT REQUEST .
  5. Contents of your Simbrief OFP should be loaded into MCDU.

Please let us know how you get on.



OFP was missing.

Excellent advice. Thanks.


Hi. I am having a similiar problem. I create a flight plan in simbrief and then in the MCDU my pilot id is already entered in blue. When I go to Init I do not see init request. Is this because of an update? Also, I cannot import from simbrief into the flight pad. Please help

The INIT page for Simbrief is on the AOC menu page (MCDU menu > ATSU). And also do not forget on the same page the PERF/W&B push the “OFP request” which is right LSK5.

For full setup of the MCDU follow D I F F R I P P S sequence. Plenty of youtube videos will explain this.

Hi Barry,

After saving flight plan in SimBrief, in Dispatch Options make sure you press Generate Flight to generate the OFP. This is needed to load using INIT REQUEST in MCDU.

Please let us know how you get on.