Navigraph servers

My friend is an IT ‘professional’. I am trying to log into navigraph hub but he is blocking entire countries. He unblocked Sweden and that got me to the website but the servers for navihub still blocked. Where are they so I can have him unblock them?

we normally don 't block any countries, without any special reasons … so the question is: from where are you, that we can check it …


You misunderstood. The IT guy here has countries blocked. Knowing the country of the servers would allow me to request he unblock the country or ports your servers are in.

Hi again,
we use a worldwide S3 Amazon infrastructure, so there is not only one country. Its nearly the same what Microsoft do with Azure. Yes, I have misunderstood you …

So, can you give us a list which countries are open? The recommendation in this case could be “open only the Navigraph apps/programs on your firewall” - that avoid future issues, when we move the server to any other location.


I can do domains. Is it just and

Mainly, yes. And all subdomains. But that won’t cover everything, there are some parts of the apps that use other resources/domains at times.

Unblocking countries sounds like a very coarse way to handle firewall rules. Anyways, as Richard says, it is not an option for any service that uses a cloud infrastructure where servers are distributed globally.


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