Login issues (with ISP?)


Quite suddenly I find that I cannot log in to Navigraph (charts and website) through any device on my home network (ISP virginmedia),

However, if I turn on my VPN I can log in and use Navigraph fine.

Is something being blocked somewhere?

Hi DoctorMagick,

We do not block anything and do not access unusual ports or services from the NNC.
I suggest you check with your ISP if they have changed something on their side.

Kind regards,


I didn’t think so. It’s really odd that it’s only happened today.

Virginmedia’s customer service is notoriously rubbish, I’ll have a go to see what they say.

I am having issues logging in which I don’t understand. I have not changed any setting and when I click to log in it does nothing. Any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks also I have no issues logging into my web browser on m phone just issues on the pc. thanks



Do you have NordVPN ? If so please see Cannot get connected since yesterday - #4 by Ian.


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