Advanced Route Building

Hey all I love the FMS Data and Charts. Can’t fly IFR without them. I know the team is very busy with the new sim but I was wondering; Might The Navigraph Team consider more advanced automated route building and editing in the future? Specifically, route that attempt to optimize given weather conditions?

I ask because it seems like a logical service extension given your current services. Thanks for all your hard work!

Hello Nicolas! Welcome to the forum.

Lovely to hear that you like our products! The route planner is quite complex as it is. Refactoring it to also account for the weather does not seem like a logical service extension currently, as it is my understanding that this has not been done in any route-planning tools for simulators or real-life as of yet.

However, we are looking into solutions that would allow us to at the very least display weather in our products! This would come as a part of the VFR product, as these types of flights tend to be more sensitive to weather than IFR flights.

If possible, could you please elaborate on what “Optimizing for given weather conditions” means to you? Would the route planner route the flight around areas of bad weather? Would it select airports depending on the local weather conditions?

We’re interested in and thankful for your feedback!

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Thanks for the welcome and kind response. Sigmat and other data overlays would be lovely in charts particularly for vfr! I am excited to hear about that possibility!

Relative to the rest. It may help if I provided some context to my inquiry and be more precise. My apologies.

My feedback came from my recent struggles in trying to achieve a reasonable level of dispatching realism and efficacy with currently available sim utilities and a few real world tools. Most problematic at the moment is trying to get a good airline dispatching software style (LIDO, JEPP etc) wind optimized route generation which can be easily modified by hand as necessary for things like sigmats restricted airspace etc. I noted the route finding element of Charts while using it awhile back and it seemed like sharing the idea might be of some value.

I hope that better explains what I was after and suggesting. Thank you again for being kind and receptive to feedback. I’ll admit I don’t know the market potential for that style of route generation in the sim space. Especially considering the complexity of the computer code and the weather data required.

Thanks again for all the handwork!

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