Navigraph no longer connects to msfs which i run on a serperate computer

i updated ifo using navigraph hub n my flight sim computer , installed simlink even though i had read its not needed For msfs , although i had it installed before , tonight i go to fly and run navigraph on my second computer and it says my flight simulator is not running , but it is and there is no info that i can find on how to fix this…please help dosent it automatically find and display your aircraft position when using msfs

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Simlink is still needed for MSFS, but you do not need to install any plugins.
You just need to install and run Simlink on the same computer where the simulator is running!

While the simulator is running, what is the status that you see in the Simlink application? Please send me a screenshot of the interface.

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so i accidentally deleted simconnect when i was updating navigraph .so i need to reinstall it , where can i find the download or i think its just a DLL file that i place somewhere , thanks for your assistance

Simlink (rather than SimConnect) can be downloaded from Simlink


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