We asked PMDG about FMS data updates during 737 for MSFS beta and were told that Navigraph has a solution. I don’t see that solution yet. Is this going to be a function of the FMS Data Manager or are you adding it to the Navigraph Navdata Installer for MSFS? When is this capability to become available?


Download and install the Navigraph Navdata Center. This tool handle currently all MSFS addons, from the Aerosoft CRJ, Maddog, PMDG and of course the in-game data

In other words the Navigraph Navdata Center is for MSFS addons, the FMS Data Manager for FSX, P3D and X-Plane addons.

So the PMDG is updated via the Navigraph Navdata Center (latest version v1.0.8).

Hope that helps

When I attempt to download Navdata Center from my accounts page it reflects version 1.0.6 not 1.0.8 that you mention as current. Disregard, updates itself after install and I see the PMDG addon package. Thanks.

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