Navigraph Navdata Center not working

Hi. .
Is this not working, if it is, what do I need to get this to work. Looking for an overlay to be used.
I have Simlink installed and running (not sure if that is a requirement), sim is running and plane shows up in and desktop versions.

But it does not register my X-Plane (is that even supported?)

Think I figured it out, this is for Microsoft only…

Hi Tom,

Navigraph Navdata Center is only used for MSFS and MSFS addons at this time.

For X-Plane and X-Plane addons you need to download and install FMS Data Manager . If you have any issues, please ask.


Hi Ian and thanks.

I am a 10+ year user so I should be familiar with the FMS Data Manager, that was not what I was looking for. Just wanted an a clean way to overlay Navigraph charts or map in Twitch streams to i.e use moving map. Though I did not find any good solution for this…

Hi Tom,

Your thread title made me think you were asking about FMS Data. :wink:

Do you have moving map work correctly on Charts (Cloud, Desktop or iPad)? Have you overlaid charts on your map there?

Can you please be more specific on your request.


Hi again Ian…
No that is not it either and I do apologies for not being clear.

  1. I would love to have a frameless interface similar to Navdata Center to be used in OBS Studio as i.e a window source… That way you can load the frameless “window” and show a moving map…

and not like this

Basically a frame less program overlay to be added into OBS studio as an interface overlay/window/source

Hope that came out clear, if not or if this is not possible yet, thanks for the effort to help
Have a nice day


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