Navigraph in Game Panel suggestion


It would be nice if you could add an option to import the active flightplan directly from MSFS.


Hello Richard! Welcome to the forum.

Thank you for the suggestion! We are currently focused on finding solutions that enable us to persist the signed-in state between simulator restarts, but I’ll put this feature among the wished-for ones!


Could be nice to save credential into flight. I must always go to navigrah/code - every flight. Any solution for this?

Every flight when you simulator is still running?

Then make sure to upgrade to v 0.4 of the Panel (check in Navdata Center). When you have 0.4 you will only need to sign in once per simulator session. (For now, but we are working on that too.)



Yes I have 0.4 ver. But must login into account every fs session to use navigraph…

Yes, you will need to login once per simulator session, this is still an issue we are trying to solve (see Malte’s reply and mine just above).

But if you start a new flight without shutting down the sim, you don’t need to login again (with 0.4).



OK! Crossing finger to solve issue :wink: Best regards!

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Hello again Richard! I have some good news for you.

The latest version of the in-game panel supports exactly this feature. When a flightplan and the panel is opened, it will ask you if you want to load the flightplan into charts. You can also load it the usual way, in the “Add flight” menu using a button labeled “From simulator”.

Thank you for the suggestion! If you’re interested in what else changed with the latest update, have a look in this thread:

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