Navigraph Hub login pushing charts subscription

Signing in to update the Navigraph Hub opens a webpage suggesting I subscribe to charts. The only alternative is to click “No thanks - I’ll subscribe later”. Only I don’t need charts and I won’t be subscribing later. It’s very annoying to have this sales pitch at every login. You could at least provide a “No thanks” link which would then prevent further charts subscription demands. Subscribing to other products should not be part of the monthly update process.

It would be much better if the sign in happened in the Navigraph Hub app itself, not opening a browser tab. In comparison, updating navdata in the Navigraph FMS Data Centre is straightforward and professional.


Kevin, thank you for your feedback.

Sign in via browser is standard and secure practice and used by most “professional” companies.

It displays this screen after a certain number of days, so if you login once per week you might see it at every login. But it is easy to dismiss it. We’ll consider fine tuning when the screen shows up.

Kind regards,


Hi Stephen,

I didn’t say logging in via the browser was unprofessional. I said the FMS Data Manager interface was more professional (looking). Also, I don’t have to login to that every month, it remembers who I am. I have to login to the Navigraph Hub every time I update the AIRAC data.

I only have one other app (Sky Sports) that opens a browser to login then you switch back to the app. It’s just as annoying. Every other app I have on my PC has a login within it. I’m sure login in the app can be just as secure and it’s much more user friendly.

I have no need to login that often so sadly I don’t get a break from seeing the screen. I login once every AIRAC cycle to update data and I see this screen every time. Yes it’s easy to dismiss but I must click a link that says I’ll upgrade later when I have no intention to do that. I don’t know of any other flightsim company that has an interface like this.

I have no problem with Navigraph advertising its products, but making it a full screen you have to dismiss before you can get on with doing what you came to the app to do is poor. You have to react to it or login isn’t complete. It’s good that you’ll consider the timing, but I think the whole principle of prompting a user to buy a new product or dismiss the prompt before you can use the app is wrong.

Best regards