Navigraph FMS Data Manager Problem

Hello, I had to uninstall and reinstall FSX Steam and when I re-installed the FMS Data Manager and scan for addon aircraft, the scan does not pickup any of my addon aircraft or AS16. The path in the settings is correct to where Steam FSX is located at, but I am not sure what i am doing wrong or if I have to manually add the path for automatic updates. Thanking you in advance.



Sorry for overlooking your post. Is the issue resolved?

Check the FSX Steam path in Settings is truly where you FSX.exe is located.
In Addon Mappings , Remove any FSX Addons , press Scan and Save.

Do you now have the FSX addons such as AS16?



Thank you for the response. I do have AS16. I may have fixed it, as I manually went in and added every path for the aircraft that I own. I will let you know when the next never graph update occurs if it works. :relaxed: