Navigraph data for Active Sky XP

When executing as_xp_2302.exe using the default location C:\Program Files (x86)\HiFi\ASXP\NavigraphData\ASXP I get Error … Access is denied. I am using Windows 7 and logged in as Admin

thanks for the report, but the file is checked again and ok so far.

The “Access is denied” is a message from your system and not from the setup and means, that the file is blocked thru any other process and or the data can´t be updated because ie. Active Sky XP is running in the background …

I don´t know Active Sky XP enough, if there is any process running in the background (autostart), so I would try to reboot your PC and before you do anything, try to make the update. Unzip the file in the downloaded ZIP file to any read- and writable location. Then start the setup.exe from there …

Again, this message is coming from the OS and means that something blocks the start or copying process … The file itself is ok.

Hope that helps

[SOLVED} Thanks Richard for your fast response.
Active Sky XP stores the Navigraph Data in the same area as it stores its program.
The default location for this is in an area that is ‘read only’ (and does not appear to be changeable).
Solution - install the software elsewhere.
Thanks again

Thanks for your response - great, that is fixed :slight_smile:

Happy flying,

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